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    World Students in Korea - 10 Winner Bloggers of the 3rd Batch

    Finally, we got the result for our 6 months blogging event, the 3rd batch of WSK. World Students in Korea is a blogging event to promote Korea to the World, sponsored by Korea’s Presidential Council on National Branding. At the beginning, it’s just a trigger to make me start blogging. But in the end, it turns out pretty good :D Nationality Last Name First Name Blog Address Best Blogger Indonesia Hidayat Febiansyah http://havban.wordpress.com Outstanding Bloggers Cambodia Lavorn Vy http://vylavorn.wordpress.com Indonesia Saftira Angga http://saftira-in-korea.blogspot.com/ Paraguay Ruiz Medina Alexi Luis http://alexiruiz.blogspot.com/ Notable Bloggers China Wang Chaopeng http://blog.sina.com.cn/wcp India Kumar Sanjay http://sanjaykumarjnu.blogspot.com/ Indon
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    Indonesian Day at Nami Island (video)

    It was the day when I was so proud being Indonesian.. Every eyes on that day could look upon the richness of my country; 5 Indonesian traditional dances performance and also Indonesian booth. Enjoy… .. Part 1* [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/PUbUmfsuakY" width="590" height="333" wmode="transparent" /] Part 2* [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/RPjdVarbe8s" width="590" height="333" wmode="transparent" /] Download dance (uncut) videos : 1. Bambu Anak Raja Dance from West Kalimantan Province 2. Pakarena Dance from South Sulawesi Province 3. Ngajoreng Dance from Betawi, Jakarta Capital City 4. Sabalah Dance from West Sumatera Province 5. Gantar Belian Dance from East Kalimantan Province if it asks for a username or password, just type “nami
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    [WSK] G20 Seoul Summit Special 1

    About the G20 (Group of 20) From the G7 to the G20 The G20 was formally established at the G7 Finance Ministers meeting on 26 September 1999. The emergence of the G20 stemmed from the changing economic reality a response both to the financial crises of the late 1990s and to a growing recognition that key emerging countries were not adequately included in the core of global economic discussion and governance. So, the original G7 (composed of the US, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and Italy) grew to the G20. At the third G20 summit held in Pittsburgh on September 24-25, 2009, the G20 was designated as the premier forum for international economic cooperation. Today, the G20 represents two thirds of the worlds population and nearly 88% of the worlds economy. For amore
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    World Students in Korea (WSK) Recruiting the 4th Batch

    The Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB) is recruiting the 4th batch of members for the program World Students in Korea. World Students in Korea aims to provide international students in Korea with opportunities to experience Korea in a more organized, diverse, and involved manner and to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the students home countries through blogs (web logs) run by the member students. The 1st batch was launched in July 2009. Members participate in a variety of activities including camps, field trips, workshops, performances and other events. 1. Number of members sought : Fifty (50) 2. Application Period : October 11 (Mon) October 31 (Sun) 2010 3. Eligibility - International students (i.e. those who are currently enrolled in an educational institu
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    July 2-4, 2010: the days of happyness

    asfd July 2 Gee!! On these very days, I was supposed to join the first WSK 3rd batch’s summer camp.. But what I could say, I ought to go back to Indonesia to attend my beloved sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful sequence of events, nurtured by lot of religious, traditions, and also fun! :D the preparation: the place, the bride and the groom. It was a serene ceremony, where everybody’s silent, and patiently watching the process called akad nikah (equals to Wedding Vows, but this one were only said by the bride’s father and the groom), preachings, and prayers. People congratulated the newly wedded couples. We made a simple servings at our home to welcome the guests. 2 days later, July 4 This is when the actual wedding party was held. Many people were invited. T
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    Foreign Students in SMUFest (sing and play)

    Yeah, you’ve seen we got so many artist on the SunMoon 2010 festival (May 11-13), 4Men, Crying Nut, No Brain and After School.. But is that all we got? Just watching the artists play? Course Not, we re having a real good time! We sang.. We played games.. We exchanged (traditional) costumes.. We did sharing our national food.. and (almost) everything about having fun! :D sing a song.. games.. Nana, Indonesian student from Cheonan campuss Feeding friend ??? with chopsticks (2 left are my Korean class mates, Nepal ??..) Bicycles, as the prizes.. other game.. It's somekind of Korean dart game.. (do u know the name??) I'm in blue.. there are still many games such as kites, drinking, various throwing.. but gee, no pics! (sorry) wearing costumes.. and f
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    Acara pemberian penghargaan gelombang kedua & pembukaan kegiatan WSK gelombang ketiga

    gua udah daftar WSK .. Terus..? Lalu gua dapat telepon.. dan mereka nanya apakah gua bisa datang ke pertemuan pertama untuk batch ke-3 “Mahasiswa Dunia di Korea” (lebih lanjut, gua hanya akan menyebutnya ‘3rd WSK ‘). Tanpa ragu-ragu, gua jawab “YA! saya bisa ..” ME ?? alias BODOH! gua ga mikir2 lagi soal hari pertemuan itu. Ternyata itu hari kerja .. ??? ~ ~ Tapi entah kenapa, teman gua, Febi , bertanya apakah gua akan pergi juga (ia juga diundang untuk 3 WSK). Dan karena ia berada dalam laboratorium yang sama dengan gua, dia menyarankan gua untuk meminta izin dari profesor kami, dan juga .. gua melakukannya, jadi gua bisa menghadiri tanpa merasa bersalah. ^ ^ Dan kemudian, di Museum Nasional Korea, tempat di mana itu semua dimulai. Sesampainy
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    Mahasiswa Dunia di Korea

    Suatu senja di asrama gua yang cozy, gua diajak oleh teman dari Timor Leste, Jaimito, untuk ikut sebuah kegiatan. Dia bilang kegiatan itu akan ngasih gua blah3x .. dan ??? .. Entah kenapa gua tertarik pada ceritanya. Gua daftar, dan.. di sinilah gua sekarang .. nahh.. ga ada guanya :p Gua datang ke acara yang mantap Gan! bisa ketemu orang dari berbagai negara ^^. Yay,.. i love people! terima kasih gua yang pertama! hal yang kedua adalah .. jalan2 atau plesir .. Lu semua harus tahu betapa gua suka jalan-jalan, melihat tempat-tempat, tempat-tempat indah, tempat2 keren, tempat-tempat eksotis, tempat bersejarah, tempat-tempat romantis (haha), dekat ataupun jauh 2000 rupiah :p. Meski kadang harus menghabiskan banyak uang, gua hanya akan terus melakukannya. Entah kenapa gua selalu berusaha
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    WSK | Award Ceremony for the 2nd Batch & Launching of the 3rd Batch

    I had registered myself in WSK.. Then what? Well,, then they called me.. and they asked me if I could attend the kickoff meeting for the 3rd batch of World Students in Korea (furthermore, I’ll just call it ‘3rd WSK’). Without any hesitation, I just answered “YES! I can..” FOOL ME…??!! I didnt think about the day the meeting was gonna be held. It turned out that it’s a working day..??? ~~ But somehow, my friend, Febi, asked me if I were going to go too (he’d also been invited for 3rd WSK). And since he is in the same lab with me, he suggested me to ask permission from our professor, and well.. I did it, so then I could attend without a guilty feeling. ^^ And then, in the National Museum of Korea, the place where it begins. Ma
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    World Students in Korea

    Once upon a time in my homey and cozy dormitory, my ? Timor friend, Jaimito, told me to follow an event. It would give me blah3x.. and ???.. I somehow got interested in his story. I registered it, and here I am now.. nahh.. I wasnt here :p but the thing is.. I came to a wonderful event that brought me to meet various people from different countries. Yay, I love meeting people. my very first thanks! the second thing is.. field trips.. you guys really have to know how much I love travelling, visiting places, beautiful places, cool places, exotic places, historical places, romantic places (haha), close and distant places :) Yet having to spend some money, I will just keep doing it. Somehow I always try to seek the smallest difference in a new place, something I’d never seen, known


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