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    Let's Learn Basic Korean with this Crazy Korean Drama

    [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/crEiUACtVss" width="580" height="345" wmode="transparent" /] No script, no preparation, no casting, etc….This Reality drama show can make you understand Basic Conversation in Korean (Maybe… but I am not really sure hahahha)….Just Watch and Let’s learn Korean Together by this Crazy Drama, coz we are also still learning in here. ^^ Cast Y: Mutiara Admeinasthi A: Randy Jullihar T: Tommy W: Widita ~RandyJullihar2010
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    Obama in Indonesia

    How Indonesia was perceived by Obama, and may be (now) by Americans. He said, “I came back as a friend and as president of United States”. Obama addressed many things about Indonesia in the regional and the global level. Indonesia is an example of “unity in diversity”. His 4 years childhood in Indonesia helped him appreciate the common humanity of all people. He expected Indonesia’s involvement in the global level, specifically in democracy and anti-corruption. He embraced the improvement in cooperation between Indonesia and US. He ended his speech with his major address to the Muslim world. The best phrase that I always like from him is, “a more perfect union“ ^^. [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/kacZTEEZkNI" width="590" height="33
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    Indonesian Day at Nami Island (video)

    It was the day when I was so proud being Indonesian.. Every eyes on that day could look upon the richness of my country; 5 Indonesian traditional dances performance and also Indonesian booth. Enjoy… .. Part 1* [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/PUbUmfsuakY" width="590" height="333" wmode="transparent" /] Part 2* [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/RPjdVarbe8s" width="590" height="333" wmode="transparent" /] Download dance (uncut) videos : 1. Bambu Anak Raja Dance from West Kalimantan Province 2. Pakarena Dance from South Sulawesi Province 3. Ngajoreng Dance from Betawi, Jakarta Capital City 4. Sabalah Dance from West Sumatera Province 5. Gantar Belian Dance from East Kalimantan Province if it asks for a username or password, just type “nami
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    Beginners at YongPyong

    It’s many past moons ago.. (still the same sun though) YongPyong is a top, world class ski resort equipped with a total of 31 variety of slopes and 15 lifts. I ve tried at least 7 of them, ranging from the beginner to advanced (all in my 1st day of skiing). I haven’t grasped the advanced level, but who cares?! It’s fun just to take it! XD This is video when me and my pack went to YongPyong Ski Resort at Kangwon Province. [kml_flashembed movie="http://elmuda-led.com/WSK/mediaplayer/player.swf" fvars="file=beginners_yongpyong.flv" width="590" height="393" wmode="transparent" volume="30"/]
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    Arirang and Me

    Korea for the World, The World for Korea It was the tagline of full english broadcasting service in Korea dedicated to bringing information about Korea to the world, and to non-Koreans within Korea. Founded in 1996, Arirang TV airs news, cultural programs, educational shows, documentaries and more 24 hours a day, in more than 188 countries. As Korea’s full English broadcast channel, Arirang’s mission is to present an accurate view of Korea to the world through unbiased news reports and programs featuring a diversity of perspectives. Viewers with little knowledge about Korea or with an outdated impression of the country can feel the pulse of the fast-changing nation through Arirang. The networks name, Arirang, is derived from the traditional Korean folk song of the same
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    Merdeka itu apa sih?

    [17 Agustus 2010] Sebelum upacara bendera di sebuah kantor, seorang humas mewawancara para karyawan yang sedang santai tentang arti kata “merdeka”.. ~cara ngeplay (kalau ga muncul2): klik play, lalu pause, baru play lagi.. [kml_flashembed movie="http://elmuda-led.com/WSK/mediaplayer/player.swf" fvars="file=ArtiKataMerdeka.flv" width="380" height="260" wmode="transparent" /] sumber: RJKB TV/PLN P3B Jawa Bali Lalu, sudahkah kita merdeka? (penting ga sih?!)
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    Eye and ear catching marching band at South Korea vs Uruguay

    adf June 26, 2010 It was a sad day for many Koreans. That day we altogether were watching World Cup match-South Korea vs Uruguay in the Seoul City Hall. There were big screens put there, thousands of reds with full of hope. Eventhough our beloved team was lost and didn’t progress to the next stage, the spirits of the supporters were really burnt up to the max! One of them, were thanks to this interesting group. They came out of nowhere, and attracted the crowds.. (yaay!) [kml_flashembed movie="http://elmuda-led.com/WSK/mediaplayer/player.swf" fvars="file=crazymarch.flv" width="320" height="259" play="true" align="center" wmode="opaque" volume="30"/] (play and enjoy, video I took myself)
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    Steve Jobs: 3 Cerita dari Hidupku

    Kalian semua pasti kenal dia. Steve Jobs, pendiri Apple, pembuat iPod dan iPhone yang terkenal, dan juga Pixar, studio animasi komputer no. 1 di dunia. Ini adalah bagian dimana Steve Jobs menceritakan 3 bagian dari hidupnya, yang membuat dia terus berkembang dan mengembangkan perusahaan terbesar paling kreatif di dunia. Selamat menikmati.. [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/UF8uR6Z6KLc" width="600" height="400" wmode="transparent" /] …english version
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    4Men played in SMUFest2010

    My campuss, SunMoon University, may be located in the suburban area of Korea, but that doesn’t stop it from getting the shines from Korean artists. Like what happened in the last tuesday night, we got the famous 4Men, rocking Crying Nut, funky and crazy No Brain and the (umm.. what should I call em) sexy After School. 4Men,,, Okay, I had to admit that even if they are all men, their voices, especially Young-jae voice, were not bad at all (like I would say “they’re very very good” :P) They were actually 3 Men, one of them, Yoon Min-su, left the team in 2001, one man short of its namesake. Young-jaes, strong & masculine voice. Yong Jae high, soft voice Won Joo keeping balance between the two They played ?? (I can’t), ??? (knock-knock-knock), Baby-b


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