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    I'm getting married

    Pernikahan, Amanah baru… Bismillahirahmnirrahiim… cekidot weddsitenya di sini.
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    aaaaa Improvement is created by disturbing something then turns it into a new order… So, I had things to disturb then ^^…
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    It's the climb... (khatam)

    baca dulu part-2-nya.. … Kita berangkat sebelum pukul 8 pagi, melewati satu shelter, dan akhirnya pada pukul 10.15, Summit attack!! ..itu istilah bekennya untuk kita nyampe (menyerbu) puncak. Perasaan bahagia memenuhi dada. Syukur alhamdulillah angin winter pada saat itu ga terlalu terasa, sehingga kita bisa menikmati suasana puncak dengan tenang. Gua masih inget kisah naik gunung sebelumnya, summit attack jam 7 pagi di Seoraksan. Keren sih kita bisa ngelihat sunrise dari pantai timur Korea. Tapi suhu dingin dan angiiin super kencang membuat kita ga betah lama2 berada di puncak, bawaannya mau cepet2 pergi, untuk foto2pun jadi sulit karena ketika angin berhembus kita tertelan awan kabut es (heran, padahal waktu itu masih fall). Kurang lebih hanya 15 menit kita beristirahat dan fo
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    The Opposite

    the opposites of.. you is I, hit is miss, me is you You hit me.. >< I miss you… ~dibacaGakYa..
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    Shining stars

    It is in the darkness of night, that the stars shine brightly…
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    A glimpse of summer in Korea

    Some said.. summer is boring, other said.. nothing’s right with summer, too hot to stay, yet also too hot to do things outside.. but I said, like these Koreans did.. summer is just do it! Here are pics when I visited SNU-Gwanak campuss last week. I was kinda suprised that the bank of the small river in SNU was used by people to splash some water, free some sweat, and have some fun! This is SNU.. This is what you see when you look below the trees, out of the fence. it looks like they're having a picnic down there walking a while passing college of natural science building, We could see these.. That day was very hot.. I was walking and really wanted to join them down there. Unfortunately, I had made a promise with my friend..
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    One good reason why we need to listen...

    you rocks! We are living in the talking society, where everybody loves to talk.. (rather than to listen) However, there is one good reason why we need to listen the other. That is… to get our chance to talk! -iActuallyUsedThisToCreateOrderinMyClass
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    ...a beautiful thing

    To be serious and passionate about something is truly a beautiful thing. Hope we all could find something we really got into.. *amen* Hope that kind of passion could come again to my life.. *amen*
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    The cultural difference in Korea (in a comic strip) ^^

    lihat dalam bahasa Indonesia Living as foreigner in Korea is surely fun! Many things to see, to learn, and to earn are available here. Koreans accepting and (most of time) nice behavior towards foreigner make more and more foreigner come to this country. But like any other people living in their home, in here Korean lives with their own culture, habits, and behaviors. And sometime, its kind of .. [mixed feeling, fill it by yourselves! :p] to us, aliens in Korea, to experience them.. blank whats the fun in life if you cant find something new..? -iSaid Few days ago, my friend gave me this interesting link, a blog that contains lot of comic strips that could describe how I and other foreigners or waygook(??)-ers in Korea feels about the cultural shock we got (at the first).. Okay,
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    ...no one expects you to be perfect.

    [after hearing some hard facts pointed at his nose..] …no one expects you to be perfect! But theres just a few basic things you gotta get right. Always do the best you can by your family. Go to work every day. Never hurt anyone that doesnt deserve it. And never take anything from the bad guys. -Mel Gibson, as Det. Craven, in “Edge of Darkness”
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