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    Investasi Gaya Amerika

    ditulis pada medio 2005, ketika darah muda masih bergejolak dan lidah belum pandai mengatur kata..
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    Report day 4 - Total Donation

    Dear Friends and Donors, As a story, One Day for Indonesia was initiated by some people who cares with the recent condition in Indonesia, Mount Merapi eruption (Java) and tsunami in Mentawai (Sumatra). The disasters wound more than 500 people died and thousand of people lost their home, farms, livestock etc. With strong enthusiasm to help and do something, some people (mostly Student) in South Korea created this program. For 3 effective days of work, some volunteer in One Day of Indonesia succeed to collect money: KRW 2,424,933. From the account transfer detail and information from some volunteers, it can be inferred that, there is strong empathy from Korean and other country student/worker to give their donation by this program. As an Indonesian, and representative of people w
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    World Students in Korea - 10 Winner Bloggers of the 3rd Batch

    Finally, we got the result for our 6 months blogging event, the 3rd batch of WSK. World Students in Korea is a blogging event to promote Korea to the World, sponsored by Korea’s Presidential Council on National Branding. At the beginning, it’s just a trigger to make me start blogging. But in the end, it turns out pretty good :D Nationality Last Name First Name Blog Address Best Blogger Indonesia Hidayat Febiansyah http://havban.wordpress.com Outstanding Bloggers Cambodia Lavorn Vy http://vylavorn.wordpress.com Indonesia Saftira Angga http://saftira-in-korea.blogspot.com/ Paraguay Ruiz Medina Alexi Luis http://alexiruiz.blogspot.com/ Notable Bloggers China Wang Chaopeng http://blog.sina.com.cn/wcp India Kumar Sanjay http://sanjaykumarjnu.blogspot.com/ Indon
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    Beginners at YongPyong

    It’s many past moons ago.. (still the same sun though) YongPyong is a top, world class ski resort equipped with a total of 31 variety of slopes and 15 lifts. I ve tried at least 7 of them, ranging from the beginner to advanced (all in my 1st day of skiing). I haven’t grasped the advanced level, but who cares?! It’s fun just to take it! XD This is video when me and my pack went to YongPyong Ski Resort at Kangwon Province. [kml_flashembed movie="http://elmuda-led.com/WSK/mediaplayer/player.swf" fvars="file=beginners_yongpyong.flv" width="590" height="393" wmode="transparent" volume="30"/]
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    ??? ??!

    isa The Problem of Foreign Worker!! …is definitely not an everyday topic, and might be also not a thing that people are eager to talk about. But apparently, Movie director, ??? made a popular comedy movie out of that topic.. ??? ??! (Banga? banga!!) is a 2010 movie about a Korean person living a life as a foreign worker. In this movie, Banga (??), roled by ???-famous Korean comedy actor, lived a life as migrant worker from Bhutan trying to get a job in Korea. *low spoiler alert* At the beginning, Banga is perceived as total foreigner, a Bhutan person, with a funny outfit ingrained with a gawky Korean accent. He applied for a job in a chair factory and admitted himself as Bhutan saram (?? /saram means person). After an incident, Banga was turned out to be a Korean, with full Korean
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    ?? BlogPost Obseoyo!

    a This month I couldn’t manage to write even a single post (except this one :p). I don’t know why, may be because I had too many trips and meetings with my friends. Or may be, the weather started getting too cold for me to write a blog (haha.. stupid excuse! :p) Actually, I’m waiting a good news from F1 Korean GP 2010! I hope I would write something after the good news.
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    Arirang and Me

    Korea for the World, The World for Korea It was the tagline of full english broadcasting service in Korea dedicated to bringing information about Korea to the world, and to non-Koreans within Korea. Founded in 1996, Arirang TV airs news, cultural programs, educational shows, documentaries and more 24 hours a day, in more than 188 countries. As Korea’s full English broadcast channel, Arirang’s mission is to present an accurate view of Korea to the world through unbiased news reports and programs featuring a diversity of perspectives. Viewers with little knowledge about Korea or with an outdated impression of the country can feel the pulse of the fast-changing nation through Arirang. The networks name, Arirang, is derived from the traditional Korean folk song of the same
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    My Birthday :D

    That day I had a camp in Yuseong, near Daejon. Yet, I got this when I returned to my room.. Thank you my friends, esp. Febi and Ummie, and Ara, my hunny bunny luvly.. ;)
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    July 2-4, 2010: the days of happyness

    asfd July 2 Gee!! On these very days, I was supposed to join the first WSK 3rd batch’s summer camp.. But what I could say, I ought to go back to Indonesia to attend my beloved sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful sequence of events, nurtured by lot of religious, traditions, and also fun! :D the preparation: the place, the bride and the groom. It was a serene ceremony, where everybody’s silent, and patiently watching the process called akad nikah (equals to Wedding Vows, but this one were only said by the bride’s father and the groom), preachings, and prayers. People congratulated the newly wedded couples. We made a simple servings at our home to welcome the guests. 2 days later, July 4 This is when the actual wedding party was held. Many people were invited. T
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    One good reason why we need to listen...

    you rocks! We are living in the talking society, where everybody loves to talk.. (rather than to listen) However, there is one good reason why we need to listen the other. That is… to get our chance to talk! -iActuallyUsedThisToCreateOrderinMyClass


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