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    it's a cafe... it's gadget store... It's subway!

    aaa I thought it’s just my another subway day.. it does look like a normal subway bbbBut apparently, it was’nt! :) It’s a CAFE… with load of GADGETS… what’s with these galaxy tab and iPad?and you can use em for free. and smiling like this :D and much more! anyway, who wanna breastfeed the baby? okay, i dont get it.. but you can ask this lady.. so it has a bookself with full books in it put your a** in a cafe style bench somekind of ATM machine, but it isn't free wifi yo! drink as much as possible until you leak! It was a bad luck that I didn’t bring my big ol SLR, but finding this rare subway was really one of my great luck :D
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    A glimpse of summer in Korea

    Some said.. summer is boring, other said.. nothing’s right with summer, too hot to stay, yet also too hot to do things outside.. but I said, like these Koreans did.. summer is just do it! Here are pics when I visited SNU-Gwanak campuss last week. I was kinda suprised that the bank of the small river in SNU was used by people to splash some water, free some sweat, and have some fun! This is SNU.. This is what you see when you look below the trees, out of the fence. it looks like they're having a picnic down there walking a while passing college of natural science building, We could see these.. That day was very hot.. I was walking and really wanted to join them down there. Unfortunately, I had made a promise with my friend..
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    Elaborating Indonesia's Seaweed Potential

    lihat dalam Bahasa Indonesia Indonesia is a maritime country. The second longest coastal line in the world, and 80 percents maritime territory are more than proof to such a claim. All-year-sunlight keeps Indonesian sea warm and sustaining so many bio diversities living inside it. Many Indonesian knows coconut tree and its benefits (since they were taught about it). But not so many Indonesian know the benefits of seaweed, a marine algae that are so abundant but yet considered having no value. Seaweed’s first known benefit was for food and medicine. The Chinese have used seaweeds for both medicine and food since before 2000 BC (Xia & Abbott, 1987) . Indeed, it was the Chinese who used as a flavor enhancer a product called viet tsin, which the Japanese synthesized about 40 year
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    Eye and ear catching marching band at South Korea vs Uruguay

    adf June 26, 2010 It was a sad day for many Koreans. That day we altogether were watching World Cup match-South Korea vs Uruguay in the Seoul City Hall. There were big screens put there, thousands of reds with full of hope. Eventhough our beloved team was lost and didn’t progress to the next stage, the spirits of the supporters were really burnt up to the max! One of them, were thanks to this interesting group. They came out of nowhere, and attracted the crowds.. (yaay!) [kml_flashembed movie="http://elmuda-led.com/WSK/mediaplayer/player.swf" fvars="file=crazymarch.flv" width="320" height="259" play="true" align="center" wmode="opaque" volume="30"/] (play and enjoy, video I took myself)
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    Perbedaan budaya di Korea (dalam coretan komik) ^^

    see in English Hidup sebagai orang asing di Korea jelas menyenangkan! Banyak hal untuk dilihat, dipelajari dan diperolah tersedia di sini.. Sikap menerima dan (seringkali) ramah orang Korea terhadap warga asing membuat semakin banyak orang asing yang datang ke negara ini. Namun seperti layaknya orang yang tinggal di rumahnya sendiri, di sini orang Korea hidup dengan budaya, kebiasaan, dan perilaku mereka sendiri. Dan terkadang.., hal itu memberikan.. [perasaan campur aduk, isi sendirlah! :p] kepada kita, para alien di “planet” Korea, ketika mengalaminya.. blank whats the fun in life if you cant find something new..? -iSaid Beberapa hari yang lalu, kawan saya memberkan saya tautan yang menarik ini, yakni sebuah blog yang berisi banyak comic strip yang dapat menggambar
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    The cultural difference in Korea (in a comic strip) ^^

    lihat dalam bahasa Indonesia Living as foreigner in Korea is surely fun! Many things to see, to learn, and to earn are available here. Koreans accepting and (most of time) nice behavior towards foreigner make more and more foreigner come to this country. But like any other people living in their home, in here Korean lives with their own culture, habits, and behaviors. And sometime, its kind of .. [mixed feeling, fill it by yourselves! :p] to us, aliens in Korea, to experience them.. blank whats the fun in life if you cant find something new..? -iSaid Few days ago, my friend gave me this interesting link, a blog that contains lot of comic strips that could describe how I and other foreigners or waygook(??)-ers in Korea feels about the cultural shock we got (at the first).. Okay,
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    June 2, 2010: Korean General Election

    June 2, 2010 or tomorrow is a day of election.. Koreans are going to choose their politicians (both legislatives and executives). and.. what..? That means a holiday (yaay!), you smart! XD source: Korea Brand (anyone, mind to translate? :D) read more.. In Indonesia, an election usually are meant to choose only one kind of politician, whether it’s the legislators, or Mayor, or Governor, or President seat. Therefore there are so many elections held at different time. But in Korea, unlike Indonesia, the South Korea’s June 2 elections are designated to choose more, starting from ???? Council member, Province Governor, to the City Mayor. The campaign period was also done all at the same time, starting from a month before D-day. [Maybe you wonder how each candidacy didn't con
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    Hiking the BukhanSan..

    versi bahasa Indonesia Been waiting so long, but just now finally I’m able to hike a mountain in Korea… Before the trip was to start, I used to see Korean people, mostly elderly, wearing mountain gears. Whether a bag, sticks, or shoes, were easy to be found in the Seoul subway. One time, when I visited SNU (Seoul National University), I saw some elderly wearing those gears, and started hiking the hills in SNU (FYI, SNU is a campuss arranged by a number of mountains/hills). Little bit curious, but I didn’t take this Korean people hiking hobby seriously. Until then… [May 9, 2010] I, Ardy (Yonsei), Widita (KU), and Sung-Hyeon (Yonsei) decided to hike BukhanSan (???) or mount Bukhan. “San” (?) means mountain in Korean. No Big Deal!! From the info I he
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    Naik-naik ke Bukhan gunung..

    see english version Sebenernya sudah pengen dari dulu2, tapi akhirnya baru sekarang ini bisa naik gunung di Korea… Sebelum acara naik gunung ini berlangsung, saya sering melihat yang namanya orang Korea, terutama orang tua2, memakai perlengkapan naik gunung. Entah itu berupa tas, tongkat, atau sepatu untuk naik gunung, mudah dijumpai ketika kita naik subway di hari libur. Pernah sesekali, ketika saya sedang main ke SNU (Seoul National University), saya melihat ada beberapa orang yang sudah cukup berumur, memakai perlengkapan untuk naik gunung, dan terlihat mulai menaiki bukit2 yang ada di SNU (FYI, SNU adalah kampus yang penuh dengan bukit/gunung). Sedikit heran, tapi saya belum menganggap serius hobi naik gunung orang Korea ini. Sampai akhirnya… [9 Mei 2010] Saya, Ardy (
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    Hari anak di Korea

    terjemahan dari Children Day in Korea Di Indonesia, tanggal 23 Juli diperingati sebagai Hari Anak Nasional (HAN). Namun jika kamu bertanya pada anak kelas satu-tiga SD di Korea, kapan hari anak nasional? maka dengan mantap mereka akan menjawab tanggal 5 Mei! Berbeda dengan di Indonesia, hari anak di Korea adalah hari libur nasional. Oleh anak-anak Korea, hari anak dianggap sama dengan hari natal di belahan bumi barat — saat untuk hadiah dan bersenang-senang. Dikarenakan hari itu adalah hari libur nasional, orang tua-orang tua bebas memanjakan anak-anaknya dengan mengajak mereka ke taman hiburan, bioskop, kebun binatang, dan tempat-tempat lain yang menarik perhatian dan keceriaan si buah hati. Hari anak juga adalah hari untuk menghargai orang-orang dewasa yang berjasa untuk meningk
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