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    Let's Learn Basic Korean with this Crazy Korean Drama

    [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/crEiUACtVss" width="580" height="345" wmode="transparent" /] No script, no preparation, no casting, etc….This Reality drama show can make you understand Basic Conversation in Korean (Maybe… but I am not really sure hahahha)….Just Watch and Let’s learn Korean Together by this Crazy Drama, coz we are also still learning in here. ^^ Cast Y: Mutiara Admeinasthi A: Randy Jullihar T: Tommy W: Widita ~RandyJullihar2010
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    My 101 Visited in Korea

    Tempat2 yang pernah saya kunjungi di Korea, mulai dari 24 Agustus 2009 sampai dengan 27 November 2010 (460 hari atau 65 minggu 5 hari). Category: cool park, transport hub, mall, indonesian, castle/fortress, traditional, campus, crowds gathering, muslim, amusement park, mount/hill, market, jst friend, national, sport, retail/franchise, art, beach City/No. Place Place Category iDescription Total Cheonan 12 1 Masjid Al-Madina Muslim friday sermon 2 Cheonan Express Bus Terminal Transport Hub my usual bus gogo 3 Cheonan Yawoori Bus Terminal Transport Hub my unusual bus gogo 4 Cheonan Station Transport Hub my subway/train gogo 5 Yawoori Mall 6 Independence Hall National, Museum cool yet free museum, Independence Day at Independence Hall 7 Dankook U
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    [At last...] F1ans towards F1 Korean GP 2010

    At last… That might be the words that came out from F1 fans today, October 12, 2010. After the official release from FIA race director, every F1 fans especially those who resides in Korea, were very excited to see the upcoming first-time ever F1 race held in South Korea. \(^^)/ But for the real fans, their feeling was even greater. Cancellation would have had a major impact on the world championship outcome, with five drivers vying for the title with just three races to go. Moreover, Some of them, like my friends had bought the race tickets since a long time ago. The feelings were like a turbulance everytime the news about cancelled race posted. The excitement were actually far even greater than to only F1 fans. All people in Korea, Koreans and Foreigners, welcomed the race for
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    IFSA Assembly in SNU

    The International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) is the global network for students in forest sciences. It unites approximately 3000 students in about 69 member associations (called Local Committees) in over 40 countries. IFSA is a non-governmental, non for profit and non religious organisation entirely run by students for students. I were just invited for a lunch.. I’m not the kind of guy who made a trip just for a free-food (it’s a long trip anyway from Asan to Seoul, almost 2 hours). I accepted my friend’s invitation to broaden my knowledge, see more people, and have some friends! :D And here is what happened that day.. arrived at SNU, Gwanak campus.. It’s a beautiful campus! met my friend.. my friend, viko Since he was busy organizing the event
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    Kacang Isaac Newton

    [Suatu sore, sepulang makan dari kantin] Teman saya, si A, memotong-motong nugget ikannya menjadi kecil-kecil dan mencoba memakannya sambil dilempar.. A: Siapa ya orang pertama kali makan kacang sambil dilempar? B: Newton! A: Heh? kok bisa? B: Iya, dia dulu ngelempar-lempar apel buat dimakan.. tapi karena ga muat, akhirnya diganti sama kacang.. saya!


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