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    July 2-4, 2010: the days of happyness

    asfd July 2 Gee!! On these very days, I was supposed to join the first WSK 3rd batch’s summer camp.. But what I could say, I ought to go back to Indonesia to attend my beloved sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful sequence of events, nurtured by lot of religious, traditions, and also fun! :D the preparation: the place, the bride and the groom. It was a serene ceremony, where everybody’s silent, and patiently watching the process called akad nikah (equals to Wedding Vows, but this one were only said by the bride’s father and the groom), preachings, and prayers. People congratulated the newly wedded couples. We made a simple servings at our home to welcome the guests. 2 days later, July 4 This is when the actual wedding party was held. Many people were invited. T
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    Gyeonggi-do Sky Expo 2010

    see in bahasa Indonesia This part of my life is called flying… Well, I didn’t fly (like literally flying in the sky). But my mind flew along all the wonderful flying things around me. I didn’t know how good a Sky Expo was until I had seen one. All these planes, choppers, and the acrobatic flies bind me to ground, and made me looked up into the blue sky.. and enjoyed all the wonderful.. I didn’t take most of these pics, Badrul did. My camera went out of battery coz I forgot to recharge, and the spare battery was also gone (dang!). Fortunately, my fellow photographer had done a great job with his camera ;) The event was opened with a woman pilot. But not just any woman pilot, this one did acrobat flying very well. She was Svetlana Kapanina from Russia. She
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    No Brain played in SMUFest2010

    My campuss, SunMoon University, may be located in the suburban area of Korea, but that doesn’t stop it from getting the shines from Korean artists. Like what happened in the last tuesday night, we got the famous 4Men, rocking Crying Nut, funky and crazy No Brain and the (umm.. what should I call em) sexy After School. No Brain,,, No Brain is a 4-member indi-band who pursues punk music. Establishing an independent label called Munhwa-saki-dan in 1996, the band made its debut in the local pop music scene by participating in the tribute album for Nirvana. With their song The Sea Man included in their debut album, No Brain became the first indi-band to put their song in the local major pop music charts. However, the bands performances began in earnest in 2000 after the membe


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