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    Benefits of Red Ginseng

    Autumn is here now in full swing. As the saying goes, you can see the sky getting higher and horses getting plump. In these crisp, pleasant days, are you one of those people who feel always sleepy and somewhat lethargic, dozing in the bus and missing your stop? If you are, then Id like to introduce you to a certain health food: Red ginseng. <A study found out that red ginseng helps boost your immune system>(photo courtesy of Hankuk Ilbo) Red Ginseng Prevents Swine Flu When the H1N1 swine flu virus swept the nation last year, the sales of ginseng and red ginseng skyrocketed as well. People believed there is nothing more effective than Korean ginseng in increasing immunity against flus. Not totally ungrounded, but still there hadnt been sufficient scientific study to back up such an
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    Elaborating Indonesia's Seaweed Potential

    lihat dalam Bahasa Indonesia Indonesia is a maritime country. The second longest coastal line in the world, and 80 percents maritime territory are more than proof to such a claim. All-year-sunlight keeps Indonesian sea warm and sustaining so many bio diversities living inside it. Many Indonesian knows coconut tree and its benefits (since they were taught about it). But not so many Indonesian know the benefits of seaweed, a marine algae that are so abundant but yet considered having no value. Seaweed’s first known benefit was for food and medicine. The Chinese have used seaweeds for both medicine and food since before 2000 BC (Xia & Abbott, 1987) . Indeed, it was the Chinese who used as a flavor enhancer a product called viet tsin, which the Japanese synthesized about 40 year
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    Mengembangkan Potensi Rumput Laut Indonesia

    see in English Indonesia adalah negara maritim. Garis pantai kedua terpanjang di dunia dan 80 persen wilayah laut adalah bukti yang lebih dari cukup untuk klaim tersebut. Cahaya matahari sepanjang tahun membuat laut Indonesia tetap hangat dan menyangga banyak keanekaragaman hayati di dalamnya. Banyak orang Indonesia yang tahu kelapa, kayu, pohon, buah, dan dan manfaat-manfaat lain yang dikadungnya (karena dikenalkan dalam kegiatan pramuka). Namun tak banyak orang Indonesia yang mengetahui manfaat rumput laut, alga di laut yang sangat banyak jumlahnya namun kerap dianggap tak bernilai. Manfaat pertama rumput laut adalah sebagai makanan dan obat. Orang Cina telah menggunakan rumput laut untuk makanan dan obat semenjak tahun 2000 Sebelum Masehi. (Xia & Abbott, 1987) . Adalah orang Ci
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    South Korea will Develop Seaweed and Abalone Industry

    PALU (RadarSultengOnline) - Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Government’s long struggle to make Southeast Sulawesi as Seaweed Province 2011, in a near time, will become true. Several investors, especially from South Korea, had expressed their interest to invest for developing botanical business on plant named in latin, Gracilaria sp. Various strategies had been taken to realize the obsession. Among those strategies is inviting potential investors. And among potential investors, investors from Joelanam-Do, South Korea had shown great seriousness, said Chief of Maritim-affair and Fisheries of Sulteng, DR Hasanuddin Atjo, by an email release via Radar Sulteng editorial staff. Hassanuddin, explained that from the late December 14 to 17, 20 researchers from Joelanam-Do along with its buss


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