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    From Daejon with Love

    FROM DAEJEON WITH LOVE “LASKAR PELANGI” — DAEJEON 27 NOVEMBER 2010 Ony Avrianto Jamhari Belum selesai rasa keterkejutan dan kesedihan kami semua akan berita adanya bencana alam yang terjadi di Indonesia bulan yang lalu serta kasus penganiayaan tenaga kerja Indonesia di luar negeri, minggu ini kami juga dikejutkan dengan berita penyerangan Korea Utara ke Korea Selatan. Sebagai warga asing yang tinggal di luar negeri kami semua ikut prihatin dan waspada. Baik bencana alam maupun kejadian yang tak terduga bisa datang kapan saja dan di mana saja. Kita manusia hanya bisa berdoa dan berusaha untuk menjaga kelestariaan alam sehingga bencana alam tidak terjadi lagi dan perdamaian akan selalu terwujud di muka bumi. Berbagai ragam komentar, perhatian, dan dukungan datang dari b
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    My 101 Visited in Korea

    Tempat2 yang pernah saya kunjungi di Korea, mulai dari 24 Agustus 2009 sampai dengan 27 November 2010 (460 hari atau 65 minggu 5 hari). Category: cool park, transport hub, mall, indonesian, castle/fortress, traditional, campus, crowds gathering, muslim, amusement park, mount/hill, market, jst friend, national, sport, retail/franchise, art, beach City/No. Place Place Category iDescription Total Cheonan 12 1 Masjid Al-Madina Muslim friday sermon 2 Cheonan Express Bus Terminal Transport Hub my usual bus gogo 3 Cheonan Yawoori Bus Terminal Transport Hub my unusual bus gogo 4 Cheonan Station Transport Hub my subway/train gogo 5 Yawoori Mall 6 Independence Hall National, Museum cool yet free museum, Independence Day at Independence Hall 7 Dankook U
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    Report day 4 - Total Donation

    Dear Friends and Donors, As a story, One Day for Indonesia was initiated by some people who cares with the recent condition in Indonesia, Mount Merapi eruption (Java) and tsunami in Mentawai (Sumatra). The disasters wound more than 500 people died and thousand of people lost their home, farms, livestock etc. With strong enthusiasm to help and do something, some people (mostly Student) in South Korea created this program. For 3 effective days of work, some volunteer in One Day of Indonesia succeed to collect money: KRW 2,424,933. From the account transfer detail and information from some volunteers, it can be inferred that, there is strong empathy from Korean and other country student/worker to give their donation by this program. As an Indonesian, and representative of people w
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    One Day for Indonesia: A Report to Heroes

    … “A hero is one who does what he can“ -Romain Rolland In the second day of “One day for Indonesia“, we’d like to inform you about progress we had achieved. Below is our day #2 financial report. 1. Total money received in Bank Account: Shinhan Bank - 13 Donations - Total 562,000 KRW Kookmin Bank - 5 Donations - Total 230,100 KRW Korea Exchange Bank - 3 Donations - Total 175,500 KRW 2. Cash Money: a. Yeungnam Univ. : ~KRW 80.000 (in charity box) b. Kyoongpook Nat Univ : KRW 10.000 c. Ajou Univ : KRW 60.000 TOTAL = 1,117,600 KRW Thank you for your donations. For your information, tomorrow we will send all the money above to Indonesia through Indonesian Red cross. We’re really like to facilitate you in donating to the Mount Merapi’s and Menta
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    One Day for Indonesia: Laporan kepada para Pahlawan

    “Pahlawan adalah orang yang melakukan apa yang dia bisa lakukan” -Romain Rolland Dalam hari kedua “One day for Indonesia“, telah terkumpul dana sebagai berikut: 1. Uang yang diterima melalui rekening: Shinhan Bank - 13 Donasi - Total 562,000 KRW Kookmin Bank - 5 Donasi - Total 230,100 KRW Korea Exchange Bank - 3 Donasi - Total 175,500 KRW 2. Uang yang diterima dalam bentuk cash : a. yeungnam Univ. : ~KRW 80.000 (dalam kotak Sumbangan) b. Kyoongpook Nat Univ : KRW 10.000 c. Ajou Univ : KRW 60.000 TOTAL = 1,117,600 KRW Terima kasih untuk donasinya. Sebagai informasi, besok seluruh uang akan dikirimkan ke Indonesia melalui Palang Merah Indonesia (http://www.pmi.or.id/). Kami masih membuka peluang sampai akhir minggu ini (Minggu, 14 November) untuk memfasilitas
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    One Day for Indonesia

    One Day for Indonesia is one of the fund raising movements to help people who are suffering from volcano eruption in Mount Merapi and tsunami in Mentawai Island Indonesia. One day for Indonesia ? ?????? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ?? ????? ???? ???????. It encourages all Indonesians, Koreans, and foreigners in South Korea to share their charity. This movement is also supported by some Indonesian students who are currently studying in some universities all over South Korea ??? ?? ???????? ????? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ????. ??????. ? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?? ????? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ????. You can send your donation to one of the following accounts: ??? ??? ??? ????? ???. Shinhan Bank - 110 281 248041 - Widhiarini Sriyulianti Kookmin Bank - 042602 04 135489 - Widhiarini Korea Exchange Bank
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    World Students in Korea - 10 Winner Bloggers of the 3rd Batch

    Finally, we got the result for our 6 months blogging event, the 3rd batch of WSK. World Students in Korea is a blogging event to promote Korea to the World, sponsored by Korea’s Presidential Council on National Branding. At the beginning, it’s just a trigger to make me start blogging. But in the end, it turns out pretty good :D Nationality Last Name First Name Blog Address Best Blogger Indonesia Hidayat Febiansyah http://havban.wordpress.com Outstanding Bloggers Cambodia Lavorn Vy http://vylavorn.wordpress.com Indonesia Saftira Angga http://saftira-in-korea.blogspot.com/ Paraguay Ruiz Medina Alexi Luis http://alexiruiz.blogspot.com/ Notable Bloggers China Wang Chaopeng http://blog.sina.com.cn/wcp India Kumar Sanjay http://sanjaykumarjnu.blogspot.com/ Indon
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    [WSK] G20 Seoul Summit Special 6 - Final

    Implications, Preparations, and Expectations Implications and Expected Impact of the G20 The G20 Seoul Summit may be the biggest international event in contemporary Korean history. At this juncture where the developed world needs to build a cooperative system with emerging markets so as to tackle economic crises and set a new order for the global economy, Korea has been chosen as the leading member of the emerging markets club, as a bridge-maker. Successful hosting will lead to an improved global perception of Korea and increased confidence among the Korean people themselves. Also, the summit will be a golden opportunity to promote Koreas rich past and present its history, culture, tourism, art, technology which would help to enhance the countrys international standing and
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    [WSK] G20 Seoul Summit Special 5

    G20 Outreach Seoul G20 Business Summit South Korea will be holding a meeting of global business leaders on November 10 and 11 in Seoul prior to the G20 Seoul Summit. Around 80 chief executives of global companies from G20 member nations and 20 business leaders from non-member countries are expected to participate. Four major issues will be addressed trade and investment, green growth, finance, and corporate social responsibility to achieve sustainable and balanced growth. The results of the discussions will be reported and recommended to the Seoul G20 summit. To visit the official web site of the Seoul G20 Business Summit : http://seoulg20businesssummit.org/en/ What Is Sherpa? A Sherpa is the President or Prime Ministers personal representative responsible for negotiating possib
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    [WSK] G20 Seoul Summit Special 4

    The Schedule of the G20 Seoul Summit The rough schedule of the G20 Seoul Summit slated for November 11 and 12 is as follows : Nov 11 (Thur) - Welcome Reception - Working Dinner of the Heads of State Nov 12 (Fri) - Morning Summit - Working Luncheon of the Heads of State - Evening Summit - Press Conference To view official events of the Seoul Summit : http://www.seoulsummit.kr/eng/goPage.g20?menu_seq=G20MENU00060&return_url=TOP01_SUB04 G20 Gyeongju Meeting Held on Oct. 21-23 The G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was held on October 21-23 in Gyeongju, South Korea. The gathering was designed to review and coordinate key agendas for the upcoming G20 Seoul Summit. At the summit, currency issues sparked strong interest. Korea, as chair, played an act
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