Report day 4 - Total Donation

12 Nov 2010

Dear Friends and Donors,

As a story, One Day for Indonesia was initiated by some people who cares with the recent condition in Indonesia, Mount Merapi eruption (Java) and tsunami in Mentawai (Sumatra). The disasters wound more than 500 people died and thousand of people lost their home, farms, livestock etc. With strong enthusiasm to help and do something, some people (mostly Student) in South Korea created this program.

For 3 effective days of work, some volunteer in One Day of Indonesia succeed to collect money: KRW 2,424,933. From the account transfer detail and information from some volunteers, it can be inferred that, there is strong empathy from Korean and other country student/worker to give their donation by this program. As an Indonesian, and representative of people who’re suffering there, we would like to say: Thank you very much and we really appreciate your donation and help.

As noted before, all the donation will be sent to Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI)/Indonesian Red Cross. Today, Thursday, Nov 11th 2010, 16.00 Korean time, all the money has been sent by our finance staff into One Bank in Indonesia, Bank Mandiri (with account holder : Sriyulianti Widhiarini). It might takes 2-3 days before the money get into that account. After that, the money will be transferred to the ‘PMI’ directly (in the same day). By this method, some fees must be paid, they are: transfer fee from Shinhan and Kookmin into Shinhan (total KRW 1,000) and transfer money to Indonesia (KRW 18,500). So, total money that will be sent : KRW 2,406,433.

The Detail information and transfer proof can be seen here: ( Financial Report. We feel happy if you check that the money transfer information; and we’re open to discuss if there’s something need to be explained.

Some question still be raised by people for late donation. By this information, we also want to inform that : All the donation still be opened until the end of this week (Sunday, November 14th 2010). All the donation that accepted through our three accounts (Shinhan, KEB and Kookmin Bank) after this day 16.00, will be sent in the second batch, Wednesday, November 17th 2010.

The donation also can be done on the spot : 1. Friday, Nov 12th, 2 PM in Seoul Mosque, Itaewon, Seoul. 2. Saturday, Nov 13th, 10 AM in Kyoongpook National University (in corporation with Good Neighbours Group, South Korea Chapter). 3. Sunday, Nov 14th, 2 PM, In Gwangju International Community building.

Again, we would like to say: Thank you for your contribution.

Warm Regards,

One Day for Indonesia Team ? (at)

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