One Day for Indonesia: A Report to Heroes

10 Nov 2010

A hero is one who does what he can

-Romain Rolland

In the second day of “One day for Indonesia“, we’d like to inform you about progress we had achieved. Below is our day #2 financial report.

1. Total money received in Bank Account:
Shinhan Bank - 13 Donations - Total 562,000 KRW
Kookmin Bank - 5 Donations - Total 230,100 KRW
Korea Exchange Bank - 3 Donations - Total 175,500 KRW

2. Cash Money:
a. Yeungnam Univ. : ~KRW 80.000 (in charity box)
b. Kyoongpook Nat Univ : KRW 10.000
c. Ajou Univ : KRW 60.000
TOTAL = 1,117,600 KRW

Thank you for your donations.

For your information, tomorrow we will send all the money above to Indonesia through Indonesian Red cross.

We’re really like to facilitate you in donating to the Mount Merapi’s and Mentawai Tsunami’s victims, in Indonesia. The donation’s window of opportunity will still be opened until the end of this week (Sunday, November 14). The next donations will be transferred at Monday, November 15th 2010.You can send your donation to one of the following accounts:

??? ??? ??? ????? ???

Shinhan Bank - 110 281 248041 - Widhiarini Sriyulianti
Kookmin Bank- 042602 04 135489 - Widhiarini
Korea Exchange Bank - 620 190766 411 - Widhiarini Sriyulianti

Thank you for your support and contributions.

Our warm regards.

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