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14 Oct 2010


The Problem of Foreign Worker!!

…is definitely not an everyday topic, and might be also not a thing that people are eager to talk about. But apparently, Movie director, ??? made a popular comedy movie out of that topic..

??? ??! (Banga? banga!!)

is a 2010 movie about a Korean person living a life as a foreign worker. In this movie, Banga (??), roled by ???-famous Korean comedy actor, lived a life as migrant worker from Bhutan trying to get a job in Korea. *low spoiler alert* At the beginning, Banga is perceived as total foreigner, a Bhutan person, with a funny outfit ingrained with a gawky Korean accent. He applied for a job in a chair factory and admitted himself as Bhutan saram (?? /saram means person).

After an incident, Banga was turned out to be a Korean, with full Korean accent and also the foul language xD. It’s exposed that the reason he becoming a foreigner was because he could not get a job, or easily get fired (if he lived) as Korean (if you ask why? just see the pics below). There’s also a silly story behind why choosing Bhutan as his (fake) nationality.

The film showed so many aspects of foreign workers in Korea (especially the illegal ones). In hilarious way, the word “Immigration!!” was shown very powerful to these workers, it could turn a super cozy situation into chaotic. This’s the only Korean movie that used many foreigners (along with their foreign aspects, like outfits, names, songs, languages, habits, etc.) as its supporting characters and extras. You can see there’s Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thailand, and others flags in the poster d(^^)b.

The show is a good comedy thus, making one like me, who’s an dumb-ass at Korean language, could LoL and understand its basic storyline (but afterwards, I asked to my Korean-expert friend about some conversations). The movie started make me (still, a Korean language dumb-ass) bored after its 3/4 part (the number of conversations/drama were intensified in the last). Nevertheless, you will see the beautiful ??? actress in traditional Vietnamese outfits in this 110 minutes.

And this is the trailer you got to see..

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/1VvNt3fUU38" width="570" height="380" wmode="transparent" /]

Oh yes, there’s one more thing I’d like you to know. I and my friends played as extras in this movie :D (my blog headbanner is actually on the set used in this movie). My big friend, Nazaruddin, even became a supporting character right after the three Koreans. This movie is his debut, his second is Barefoot Dream, a drama movie. He looks BIG in this movie (he is BiG, hehehe).

PARENTAL WARNING: If you want to learn about Korean foul language, you must watch this movie XD

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