World Students in Korea (WSK) Recruiting the 4th Batch

13 Oct 2010

The Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB) is recruiting the 4th batch of members for the program World Students in Korea.

World Students in Korea aims to provide international students in Korea with opportunities to experience Korea in a more organized, diverse, and involved manner and to promote cultural exchanges between Korea and the students home countries through blogs (web logs) run by the member students.

The 1st batch was launched in July 2009. Members participate in a variety of activities including camps, field trips, workshops, performances and other events.

1. Number of members sought : Fifty (50)

2. Application Period : October 11 (Mon) October 31 (Sun) 2010

3. Eligibility

- International students (i.e. those who are currently enrolled in an educational institution(s) in Korea)

- Those who own and run a blog (*Those who do not are requested to open one prior to applying)

- Those who are interested in Koreas industries and culture

- Those who speak Korean may be given priority in selection

4. Tenure: November 2010 April 2011 (6 months)

5. Tasks

- Open and run an individual blog upon which students are to post contents (articles, photos, videos etc.) related to Korea

- Attend various workshops, field trips, and events hosted by the Council

6. Benefits

- Upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the tenure, students who have shown distinguished on- and offline activities will receive awards (e.g. A roundtrip flight ticket to home country for Grand Prize winner)

- Opportunities to attend diverse cultural events and performances related to Korea, or those hosted by the Council

- Media coverage (TV programs, interviews with newspapers, magazines etc.) regarding WSK activities and Korea

7. How to Apply

Via the Councils official web site. Click the following link:

8. Inquiries

  • Ms. Mi-Kyung Shin, International Cooperation Bureau, Presidential Council on Nation Branding (, 02-2280-2778)
  • Mr. Young-Suk Lee, International Cooperation Bureau, Presidential Council on Nation Branding (, 02-2280-2724)
  • Ms. Jung-A Lee, Culture, Tourism & Global Citizenship Bureau, Presidential Council on Nation Branding (, 02-2280-2745)
  • Ms. Jin-Sook Lee, International Cooperation Bureau. Presidential Council on Nation Branding (, 02-2280-2736)

*** For further information on the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, visit

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