Independence Day at Independence Hall

19 Aug 2010

I live in Cheonan. Since the first time I came to Korea, I did a lot of travel. It’s like every week. Campus, concert, expo, museum, parade, park, amusement park, event or beautiful places were like my regular destinations. They were all out-of-town, let say Seoul, Daejon, Ansan, Suwon, Busan, etc. Yet, until 3 months ago I hadn’t known any attractive place in my own town..

[Until I saw a friend of mine pix..]

Then I asked her what and where it was. She answered “Independence Hall, in Cheonan?”

What the..!??.
I have been like 10 months in Korea, visiting many places.. But how could I miss this wonderful place in front of my doorstep???

Later I visited it. And true, it’s a fun, historical and colorful place. Bottom line, it’s great!!

Then I visited it again, but this time’s in the special occasion. I visited it at the very special day, the Korean Independence Day, 15th of August. Independence Hall (?????) is a commemoration of Korean struggle history and Independence. Even the President of Korea came to that place at that very day.

Independence Day at Independence Hall

It was August 15, 2010. I had guests from Indonesia. They were Ami and her parents. Ami’s a new student for this fall semester in SNU. Her parents accompanied her and also wanted to do travel in Korea. Most of foreign tourists in Korea only know (places in) Seoul and Jeju and do not know about the others. This time, I brought them to another place ;)

Many Koreans visited Independence Hall at ??? (Independence Day). Folks, families, couples, and also this group of bicycler…

there was more than one bicycler group seen that day.. each comprises like 100 people

[thanks to the "great" traffic..] We arrived at 1300 hours, too late to see the presidential convoy.

We took Hanoeri train to go the hall from the gate. It costs 1000 won for each.

It’s not really necessary to take this train. We could just walk from the gate to the hall. But taking this train brought us to unseen corner of Independence Hall (Independence Hall is so big after all!). Therefore, you can find a good spot for spreading a mat and having some relaxing lunch (sounds like a picnic!) :D

We arrived to the main hall, which also called as “House of Nation” or ??? (kyore jib).

The flowers made “Hwemang-eu-ro phinen mugunghwa” writing. It means “Mugunghwa blossoms in Hope“. Mugunghwa or Hibiscus syriacus is a national flower of Korea. A long distance train in Korea was also named after this beauty. It’s indeed a beautiful flower. And there were so many beautiful mugunghwa that day ^^.

We came up to the hall. Since that was no ordinary day. We got this.


..Powerful Drum Bangin! Yet, I don’t know the name (doh!)..

We walked in to the indoor exhibition.

The Indoor exhibition halls were just cool. Not only the exhibitions that were interesting, but also the interior inside the hall is different one from another. It’s very artistic so that it could make comfortable, brightful, fresh, but sometime creepy/scary, and also futuristic feelings to the visitors.

Done inside, we’re back to outside. And yeah,, I almost forgot.. it’s SUMMER! (so hot.. ~~”)

And then there was Bada (??), one of the most famous female singer in Korea ^^)/

Her voice was so soft yet powerful. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the song (again, doh!). O yes, there’s funny thing. After she’d stepped down from the stage, everyone sitting just stood up and chased the artist (even tough Bada’s so great, I wouldn’t risk myself against those crazy crowds :p)

If you think that’s all we got, you’re wrong. We still had Pungmul as our desert :D

*Pungmul do rolling. But I missed to take the shot :’(

What a great day in the Independence Hall..

There are always (even not in the special day) exhibitions in the Independence Hall, indoors and outdoors. Not to forget, there’s also a cool 4D theater.. Moreover, they are all for free! ??!! ??!! ???…

u can read this..

(wait!..) Don’t say anything,
until you see how good this place with your own eyes… (c u in Cheonan! =D)

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