IFSA Assembly in SNU

12 Aug 2010

The International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) is the global network for students in forest sciences. It unites approximately 3000 students in about 69 member associations (called Local Committees) in over 40 countries. IFSA is a non-governmental, non for profit and non religious organisation entirely run by students for students.

I were just invited for a lunch..

I’m not the kind of guy who made a trip just for a free-food (it’s a long trip anyway from Asan to Seoul, almost 2 hours). I accepted my friend’s invitation to broaden my knowledge, see more people, and have some friends! :D

And here is what happened that day..

arrived at SNU, Gwanak campus..

It’s a beautiful campus!

met my friend..


my friend, viko

Since he was busy organizing the event, he left me alone, out-of-known friend.. (Gee..)
but I didn’t waste my chance to

make friends in the lunch :D

Forestry students from around the globe really gathered that day in SNU #75 Building.

And now, the assembly..

At first, I had no idea what it was.. You knew that,, I wasn’t really a participant.

Okay, so I just learned and watched..

Until my friend came and I asked him, “what is this? why is everybody standing like in the parliament?”

Then, he said, “yes, this is an assembly. It designates to elect and create ideas for the next term of the organization”

“Ow.. okay!”, I replied.

Then I watched them over again,

It was a formal setting with a humorous and joyful energy. They did every step in the assembly by the book, but they did it in a fun way. Like when they’re giving example on how one could express an idea, and other could support or disagree with it.

A: (standing) Hi, Im Angelina from Czech Republic. In my opinion, we had to show our great love to our earth and forest. The trees are green. That’s why I’d suggest that we color our hair into green.

B: (standing up) I’m Brittany from Germany. I disagree with Angelina. I prefer to keep my hair blonde.
(everyone lol!)

C: (had to stand whenever you wanna talk in the forum) I’m Chansook. I second Angelina’s statement.

It was my first time to see young pupil from around the world gathered in one organization. So, once again, I didn’t return empty handed :)

FYI, all the IFSA local committees that gathered in Seoul was not only attending event like this meeting. They also had a trip to travel around Korea at these very days (2010.08.07 - 2010.08.21). I guess they’re all lucky people. Hope they could really take care our world’s forest wisely in the near future..

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