A glimpse of summer in Korea

8 Aug 2010

Some said.. summer is boring,

other said.. nothing’s right with summer,
too hot to stay, yet also too hot to do things outside..

but I said, like these Koreans did..

summer is just do it!

Here are pics when I visited SNU-Gwanak campuss last week. I was kinda suprised that the bank of the small river in SNU was used by people to splash some water, free some sweat, and have some fun!

This is SNU..


This is what you see when you look below the trees, out of the fence.


it looks like they're having a picnic down there

walking a while passing college of natural science building, http://elmuda-led.com/WSK/IFSA-SNU/summer/P8083575.jpg

We could see these..


That day was very hot.. I was walking and really wanted to join them down there. Unfortunately, I had made a promise with my friend..


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