South Korea become the first to win at FIFA World Cup 2010

12 Jun 2010

Against Greece, South Korea was an underdog. Even with smaller posture, Korea beat Greece 2-0. Looking at two previous matches, that resulted draw. Definitely, this game that was held in port elizabeth stadium became the first that could entertain the viewers with its goals.

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Lee Jung-soo was the first scored the goal at the game (also, at the World Cup 2010). It was only 7′, started from a corner kick, then finished by Lee with one touch. The second goal was by, the famous Korean Manchester United-Premier League player, Park Ji-Sung. He scored a goal with calm *he really showed his class* (???!)

And here is the situation in Korea. umm.. Not so many people watching, I thought most of Korean student watched the game at their homes. This is an International student’s dormitory, anyway..

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