The cultural difference in Korea (in a comic strip) ^^

7 Jun 2010

lihat dalam bahasa Indonesia

Living as foreigner in Korea is surely fun! Many things to see, to learn, and to earn are available here. Koreans accepting and (most of time) nice behavior towards foreigner make more and more foreigner come to this country.

But like any other people living in their home, in here Korean lives with their own culture, habits, and behaviors. And sometime, its kind of .. [mixed feeling, fill it by yourselves! :p] to us, aliens in Korea, to experience them.. :D


whats the fun in life if you cant find something new..?


Few days ago, my friend gave me this interesting link, a blog that contains lot of comic strips that could describe how I and other foreigners or waygook(??)-ers in Korea feels about the cultural shock we got (at the first)..

Okay, hereby [sit on tight]

I present you.. [fasten your seatbelt]


*ROK is republic of Korea, ET is extra terrestrial or alien, and SHIP is a ship, anything that brings us together to something :D

I and my friends had encountered some situations in this blog.. But here are some where I had some fun (say it: lol) or awkwardness (say it: sigh..) after seeing/experiencing them at the first time.. XD

Mostly about ??? (language)

“I am a foreigner, why didn’t he speak slow and (just) few words to me..”

I had learned, like for 4 months, Korean language before I came here. I had understood some words, but yepp.. my listening were not that good at that time. So its hard to understand if someone talked to me like in this picture. o 0)?? This kind of things a way too challenging for a foreigner to learn Korean from natives.

Fortunately, its not happened all the time, most of people working in airport and stores talk less and slow to foreign people. They could even use some English. And theyd praise and talk (but keep it slow) to you if you understand Korean (???!).

Above situation wasnt quite real for me. Since its a Holywood movie, I could expect that thosere english words.. My problem was, that I hardly read and tried to understand some Korean words. But instead of getting Korean word, I got English word written in ??. [I even checked it into the Korean dictionary in my phone.. Zzz] This kind of situation made me like a fool person.

shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice! Now, I could read ?? easily, whether its Korean or English..

the one big step of my ??? experience was when the first time I could order delivery food by myself, even with my lacking Korean ^^

The food is good

Back then in Indonesia, I never tried a single Korean food except kim (?) or dried & salted seaweed. I like kim very much. Here, thankfully, (unlike some of my friends) I could adapt fast with many Korean food, but surely kimchi is quite a story..

In Korea, Kimchi is always available in every servings.. even Japanese restaurant in Korea serves kimchi.. >,< but of course, you can choose not to eat them..

I, myself, agree with the comment on the bottom-left, I like Kimchi, but not always want them with every meal.. ^_^.. In the other hand, there are many Korean food that I really love.. like this one, Samgyeopsal..

Samgyeopsal.. Im loving it ^^ but I only eat the beef one.. (I dont eat pork)

Soegogi gui, I’m loving it! ^^

There are many Korean foods that I like, but on the top of the list is bibimbab(???). Dolsot bibimbap (?? ???, dolsot meaning stone pot) or bibimbab burned on stone/metal pot is surely one of my most favorite food in my life ^^. According to some research, Korean cuisines are considered the healthiest food in the world (Kimchi is surely healthy! haha..) You can learn how to make your own Korean food in this website (really easy to try).

Its kinda funny to see how Korean choose their style..

the default haircut for Korean girl..

actually I’m amazed with this how Korean girls could walk with high heels in the winter and without slipping (I never see one’s slipping like in this pic)

The comic artist, Luke Martin, dont hate Korea or Koreans at all. He and his wife really enjoy living in Korea. He just shared his experience through his drawing. Anyway, he wrote this when hes idle drawing the comic at mid January 2010, Sorry guys, we were on vacation this past week so no comic, but here are some pics from our trip to Gyeong ju! ^^ More ROKetship soon! Here are his pics in Gyeong-ju..

Okay, my last words

You can see more of these in his blog site or in ROKETSHIP on facebook. Some I agree, some I disagree (I didnt feel it as the same as in the comic), and some.. (how should I put this) just remind me of Indonesia *theres something in common between Korea and Indonesia. maybe since we re Asians*. Yeah, sometime we just dont realize how funny we are until some other people told us so..^^)??

Living abroad or far away from our home, means that we are going to meet another people with its culture, habits, and behaviors. Its the normal consequences of our life choice. And surely, learning and understanding are the only way for us to love each other.. *kimchiii ^^)/

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