Gyeonggi-do Sky Expo 2010

25 May 2010

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This part of my life is called flying…

Well, I didn’t fly (like literally flying in the sky). But my mind flew along all the wonderful flying things around me. I didn’t know how good a Sky Expo was until I had seen one. All these planes, choppers, and the acrobatic flies bind me to ground, and made me looked up into the blue sky.. and enjoyed all the wonderful..

I didn’t take most of these pics, Badrul did. My camera went out of battery coz I forgot to recharge, and the spare battery was also gone (dang!). Fortunately, my fellow photographer had done a great job with his camera ;)

The event was opened with a woman pilot. But not just any woman pilot, this one did acrobat flying very well. She was Svetlana Kapanina from Russia. She flew a wonderful red airplane (the one shown on topmost of this post).

this was how she flew that day…


Not so long after that, the crowds were talking about something (since I didn’t really understand the ???announcement). Talon fighters flied in a formation. The group is called Black Eagles (even their color is not black anymore). The Black Eagles aerobatic team is the flight display team of the Republic of Korea Air Force. They flew beautifully in their formation. And FYI, all the 8 jets are made in Korea. T50 - Golden Eagle is a license-manufactured F-16 jet produced by Korea Aerospace Industries, a joint of of Samsung Aerospace, Daewoo Heavy Industries, and Hyundai Space and Aircraft Company (HYSA).

(click to see the bigger image)

The next shows were still acrobatic flies. Just they’re getting crazier and crazier, the pilots were gone nuts! (and they made people scared..). Many times they were showing that they were out of control, spinning like crazy, going to hit the ground, engine down,.. but yeaah.. they’re just playing around with their planes (nice play Pilots!).

The other thing I want to show you are helicopters. Helicopters play important role in many areas. Since airplanes need a long airstrip to land or takeoff, they are not really flexible to do some jobs. But helicopters don’t, they are quite flexible. Choppers are used in military, humanity, firefighting, surveillance, and also VIP transportation.

Here are the militaries. One is a from blackhawk family (maybe a nighthawk), and another is big double prop chopper (dunno the name).

These two are for firefighting..

Other than airplanes and choppers, the expo gave us like parachutes, tanks, indoor exhibition, and also family games. It was really fun to go there, so many things to see. Since it was May 25 (Korean’s Children Day), many Koreans came to the expo with their families, and enjoyed everything there..

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