Foreign Students in SMUFest (sing and play)

22 May 2010

Yeah, you’ve seen we got so many artist on the SunMoon 2010 festival (May 11-13), 4Men, Crying Nut, No Brain and After School..

But is that all we got? Just watching the artists play?

Course Not, we re having a real good time!

We sang.. We played games.. We exchanged (traditional) costumes.. We did sharing our national food.. and (almost) everything about having fun! :D

sing a song..


Nana, Indonesian student from Cheonan campuss

Nana, Indonesian student from Cheonan campuss

Feeding friend ??? with chopsticks (2 left are my Korean class mates, Nepal ??..)

The winning prizes

Bicycles, as the prizes..

other game..

It's somekind of Korean dart game.. (do u know the name??)

(finally,,) its me on the right..

I'm in blue..

there are still many games such as kites, drinking, various throwing.. but gee, no pics! (sorry)

wearing costumes.. and food business.. (in the next part)

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