After School in SMUFest2010

22 May 2010

My campuss, SunMoon University, may be located in the suburban area of Korea, but that doesn’t stop it from getting the shines from Korean artists. Like what happened in the last tuesday night, we got the famous 4Men, rocking Crying Nut, funky and crazy No Brain and the (umm.. what should I call em) sexy After School.

After School,,,

Well, I always confused when it comes to multiple sexy Korean girls performing at one stage, which is this is who is that.. Anyway, I hardly think about a thing, so how I could remember their names (haha).
After School is a 8-member female (when played in SunMoon, they re still 7) group from South Korea managed by Pledis Entertainment.

(left-right) ?? - ??? - ?? - ?? - ?? - ?? - ??

(left-right) ?? - ??? - ?? - ?? - ?? - ?? - ??

Debuting initially as a 5-member group (Kahi, Jung-Ah, Soyoung, Jooyeon, Bekah) with their debut single AH in January 2009, they were labeled as the Korean Pussycat Dolls for the matured and sexy concept they had taken on.

In April 2009, After School released a digital single titled DIVA and introduced a new member “UEE” into the group, as part of After School’s admission and graduation concept. Later in October 2009, member “Yoo So Young” announced her withdrawal from the group citing health and studies reasons. At the end of the same month, After School admitted two new members “Raina” & “Nana” into the group. November 25th, 2009 they made a comeback with 2nd Single Album Because of You. March 25th, 2010 After School released 3rd Single Album “Bang!” together with the addition of new member “Lizzy” making After School a 8-member group now.

I think this is Kahi..

Well, Bang! is pretty “bangin song!” :D

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="600" height="440" wmode="transparent" /]this vid’s certainly not in my campuss

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